Maior Plus


Classic Italian styling with a full stainless steel finish and is guaranteed to look amazing wherever it is placed.

Absolute quality of coffee, thanks to the well-established technology and Rossi Brewing System parts, as well as the addition of the B09 group of Brasilia, things which guarantee excellent performance, thermal stability and perfect extraction in every coffee. The boiler with its heat-exchangers, offers continuous and constant steam. Exterior body made of steel.

Available versions

Automatic, digital version (Digital) with microprossesor-driven system.
Semi-automatic version (P) with continuous dispense using buttons.

Both types are available in RAISED version, with stainless steel retractable cup-rests, to accomodate different sized cups up to 16cm tall.

It comes with multi-functional LCD display, for showing and controlling significant functions of the machine: programming delivery parameters, alarms, service phone number, etc.
Moreover, in the Digital edition, dose adjustments, as well as the command for double delivery, are given directly by the keypad. It also has automatic washing and rinsing cycles.

Ergonomic Features

Steam arms are controlled by the handgrip or chrome lever.
The 2 steam arms and the hot water tap, are available in a version with handgrips. The steam arms are also available in"Cold Touch" version, for practical use, avoiding the risk of burns.
Filter-holders designed with 10o convexity, to be easily grabbed.
Ergonomic workplace, thanks to clear visibility.






Exploded diagram