LEI 400 + Aria M Slave


LEI400, automatic vending machine for hot drinks with 400 cups capacity.

ARIA M, automatic spiral refrigerated 3° C vending machine for the sale of snacks, confectionary, sandwiches, yogurts and other fresh perishable foodstuffs, cans and bottles; available in master or slave version.





  • Slave models can be combined with 2 machines among hot beverage or snack & food with a sole payment system in the master version.
  • Foamed vending machine to ensure complete isolation and avoid unnecessary losses of energy consumption.
  • Large window display with led with double glazed glass that shows off the products to maximum advantage.
  • Window with anti-condensation resistance.
  • Adjustable tray height.
  • Specific tray for triangular sandwiches on the food version.
  • Door lock with programmable code.
  • Anti-theft product delivery door.
  • Products drop sensor.
  • Standard multi-protocol electronics.
  • Compatible with telemetry.