Lucia Espresso


Lucia Automatic is the electronic machine designed to fulfil market needs that are beyond tradition. Lucia is available in the versions with two or three groups, both with automatic dosage, and is a model that deals with any need the operator might have. Lucia is a pride for whoever owns her.


Nonetheless the retro design, the sparkle of her steels and her valuable finishing are kept in this automatic version as well, where the luxury of the equipment and the culture of espresso coffee match the enhanced performances brought by electronics.

The keypad in the base integrates harmoniously with the whole design and can be activated with a slight touch of the finger, allowing a very intuitive use. This makes all the operations easy and quick to carry out on the machine even in very heavy consumption periods, when the speed of the machine together with the skills of the operator is an added value factor.


The machine has two gauges to monitor the pressure in the boiler and that of the water pump, Bianchi brewing group and adjustable feet in stainless steel. A 12 litre boiler and built-in 150 litres rotary pump equip the double group model; while the version with three groups has a 21 litre capacity boiler, here again with built-in150 litres rotary pump. The steam is constantly dispensed by two stainless steel spouts; while for the water dispensing a chrome spout that functions by set dosage. Both the models have spacious cup-warmer in stainless steel. The water is managed through a mixer that permits the regulation of water temperature.