T48 Auto


T48 AUT with adjustable dispenser and 84 mm flat blades can produce up to 8 kg of coffee powder per day.
Noiseless and dependable, it grinds coffee automatically when needed and keeps the dispenser constantly full: this makes it the perfect choice for very busy venues. With a vintage design, it is a legacy model by Quamar. The professional T48 AUT coffee grinder with dispenser can be supplied with the following optional equipment: 500 g or 1.5 kg hopper; Australia or UK plug.



Body: polished aluminium body,aluminium body with stainless cover

Hopper: plastic 500 g - 1,2 kg - 1,5 kg coffee beans capacity

Dispenser: 300 g ground coffee capacity

Dosing device: dose portion from 4 to 9 g and counter

Dimensions: 230 x 290 x 590 mm (width x depth x height)

Net weight: 15 kg

Available voltage: 230V – 380V – 110V

Volume: 0,072 m3