Sara Espresso

Automatic and semi-automatic


Sara surprises you instantly for her aggressive spirit and good looks. Ready to enter action, with her bright chromed colour, combined with shiny black and the push buttons illuminated by blue leds, she immediately attracts for her modern dynamism.

The Sara range of the Bianchi Ho.Re.Ca. Collection includes two models, one automatic with programmable dosage and the other semi-automatic with push button dispensing, one steam tap and one hot water tap with chrome spout for the semi-automatic version. Eight litre boiler for a coffee extraction system that means quality. Standard automatic autolevel; electric heating element; built-in rotar y pump; double range gauge for the monitoring of the boiler and pump pressure and capacious and easy to clean cup-warmer. In the automatic electronic model besides the automatic group cleaning cycle, we have a perfect microprocessor controlled dosage. In the semiautomatic model instead the group dispensing is activated by a switch.


Economical, of character, strong and full of spirit Sara will accompany you daily confirming herself in the use as an extremely practical machine, versatile and above all able to work under effort. The dispensing area is comfortable and entirely studied around the accessibility for the operator. The materials follow this primary formulation. Plastic forms and dimensions are reduced so as to allow not only manageability but comfort in narrow spaces and easy moving. To the designers of Sara it was expressly asked to think to a precise word, the word “reliable”, because the concept to which Bianchi aimed above all was really that of professionalism, dependability and extreme functionality. To be able to transmit to whom uses her the reliability of a means conceived for true work. Sara is born for making herself worthy.




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