Its leading edge design combines appealing aesthetics with practical features, maximum reliability, and brewing solutions that can be adapted to each individual blend: this new line is the ideal solution for all those coffee shops where a quality espresso is truly a ritual.

Standard o Touch Bullone Rosso version, the evolution of Italian tradition.

STANDARD: automatic model with mechanical keypad and LCD TFT 4.3'' colour touchscreen. 

TOUCH: automatic model with advanced and customizable user interface. Backlit capacitive keypad with 6 available key colours owing to the RGB LED backlight. LCD TFT 4.3'' colour touchscreen. “BULLONE ROSSO”: model equipped with the "Bullone Rosso" system (Red Bolt system), an exclusive technological innovation that ensures great temperature stability. Each model is available in 2 or 3 units in the standard version or Tall Cup version (with retractable cup supports in stainless steel for cups up to 135 mm).

Rito Touch is available in the Bullone Rosso version, the technology that makes this latest generation machine inimitable. In a word, this system stabilizes the temperature, optimizes the flowrate, enhances the blending and calibrates brewing: entirely automatically. In practice, Bullone Rosso enables an espresso with a matchless taste to be created.

General Information


  • 2 GROUPS - Dimens. mm W 770 x D 535 x H 555 - Weight 70 kg - boiler capacity 11 l - Resist. boiler 3000 W - Boiler stabilizer Bullone Rosso 0.38 l 1000 W - Power supply 400/50/3N + monophase 220 V/50 Hz - Water supply 3/8" F.
  • 3 GROUPS - Dimens. mm W 1010 x D 535 x H 555 - Weight 85 kg - Boiler capacity 17.5 l - Resist. boiler 4000 W -Boiler stabilizer Bullone Rosso 0.38 l 1000 W - Power supply 400/50/3N + monophase 220 V/50 Hz - Water supply 3/8" F.


  • New B16 group with static pre-brewing, designed by Brasilia.
  • Traditional thermosiphon circuit with possibility of adjusting temperature by a selector positioned on the exchanger.
  • Bullone Rosso system.

Advanced electronics consisting of a master card that can be updated by a USB key and has a power card. The simple construction enables accessories to be installed simply and quickly.
Electronics set up for controlling the boiler and the brew units.
First machine to use the new advanced Brasilia platform that will be a feature of all the high-end models. This modular platform is based on a Canbus system for controlling independently: the services boiler with electronic adjustment of the water level and operating pressure, the coffee-brewing units with adjustment of temperature and operating pressure, controlling pre-brewing, the water wand and the steam wand with electronic control of the brewing temperature. This system is further able to control the capacitive keypad and the touchscreen modules, and is set up for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and telemetry upgrades.
Possibility of updating machine programming by USB key (firmware, settings and touchscreen graphics).
4 programming levels (operator, manager, director, technician) for maximum flexibility in managing users and respective privileges.

Technical features

  • 2 lever-operated stainless-steel "cold touch" steam wands.
  • 1 stainless-steel water wand.
  • Dosed hot water that is operated by the LCD touchscreen with temperature settable by programming software/menu.
  • Work area lighted by white LED.
  • Ergonomic filter-holding grip, tilted by 10 degrees.




Exploded diagram