Brasilia Gala

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Offering quality, technology and maximum convenience, the Gala range embodies the needs of professionals in the best possible way. The modern and elegant design adapts perfectly to the interior style of any environment and guarantees a work experience characterised by maximum ease of use, cleaning and maintenance.

Espresso of excellence

The new B16 Group with static prebrewing offers the guarantee of highquality espresso coffee. With affordable price and incredible taste, the Gala line knows how to meet the most important needs.

Reliable over time

Thanks to the use of widely tested and approved technologies, the Gala range guarantees high performance even in the long term and always ensures maximum productivity.

Easy to clean

The flat surfaces guarantee easy, fast cleaning, while ordinary maintenance is made simple thanks to the easy removal of the outer shell and the arrangement of the components.

Environmentally friendly

The choice of materials and compliance with RoHS and WEEE regulations guarantee full compliance with the highest standards in matters of recycling and environmental protection.