ECM Technika V Profi Rotary Pump



ECM’s flagship model; The Technika. The Technika is an exquisite looking piece of technology. The machine features an elegant stainless steel body with a flip top lid making easy access to the water tank. The Technika is available in two versions; Either the Technika IV (Vibrational pump) or Technika IV Profi (Rotary pump).

The standard model comes equipped with plastic knobs, plastic feet and a vibrational pump (Must use water tank) and the Profi model comes with metal feet, quick touch levers and a rotary pump (Can use either water tank or be plumbed in for water supply).

The Technika utilizes a big 2.1L heat exchanger boiler meaning you can do both coffee and steam at the same time.


  • Compact construction with high-quality copper boiler (2.1 l)

  • Professional lever valve technology, alternatively rotary valves technology

  • Boiler and pump pressure gauge

  • Control lamp for the indication of water shortage

  • Coffee, milk froth and hot water can be dispensed simultaneously


  • 2.1L copper heat exchanger boiler (Profi model has stainless steel boiler)

  • 3L water tank

  • E61 brew group

  • Vibrational pump (Standard) / Rotary pump (Profi)

  • Weight: 23.5KG

  • Dimensions without portafilter (WxDxH): 325 x 475 x 390 mm