Bianchi Diva



Diva, innovation has its own interpreter.

DIVA is the most versatile and innovative coffee corner on the market: it fully meets consumers’ extensive needs offering 350 combinations of different drinks and aromas, relying on a highly interactive and intuitive interface.
With DIVA, consumers’ tastes are turned into real recipes for delicious drinks, thanks to a guided system that allow to create customized drinks.
Versatility and a complete offer make DIVA the leading actress of the vending sector.


  • New espresso unit with variable chamber, 6÷14 gr coffee dose.

  • Topping dispenser: choice of 4 different types of topping for drinks complemented by many top quality products, such as: chocolate flakes, choco pops, muesli.

  • Syrup dispenser: dispenses 2 different types of syrup such as caramel, vanilla and many other delicious flavours.

  • Version with fresh milk module and new milk foaming system for an incredible variety of hot and cold beverages.

  • Refrigerating unit for correct storage of fresh milk; temperature below 4°C; volume: 15 litres; empty milk sensor and themometer showing the temperature inside the refrigerating unit.

  • Cup sensor for cup positioning and size.

  • Coffee aroma diffuser outside the machine.

  • Payment systems: banknote reading device, change returning device, cashless system.

  • Powerful and flexible electronic



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