Bianchi GAIA Touch

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Style and technology combined for a tasty break.

GAIA STYLE, automatic hot beverage dispenser, available both in espresso coffee from beans and instant beverages versions.


  • Great flexibility of configuration and a wide choice of versions with water system supply or with autonomous tank

  • Mixers are extractable to make maintenance operations easier

  • Liquid waste tray: 1 litre, easily extractable, with visible signal for maximum water level

  • Coffee waste tray: 80 pods with automatic block of the machine at reaching of maximum coffee waste level

  • Autonomous tank: 3.6 litres of water available placed behind the product canisters and possibility to fill with door closed (on the top of the machine)

  • Compatible with Cashless systems, key or badge

  • Compatible with telemetry systems

  • 7” LCD Touch screen selection panel for Touch version customizable through the WinConfigTouch software

  • ELECTRICAL SUPPLY230Vac, 50Hz (CE compliance)220-230Vac, 50Hz (IEC/CB compliance)

  • INTERNAL ELECTRICAL SUPPLY: All the electrical components are supplied at 24 Vdc, with the exception of the boiler resistances, the pump and the steam ventilator that are at powered by the mains voltage.

  • POWER SUPPLY1.80 kW single boiler espresso version1.80 kW alternating dual boiler espresso version2.80 kW dual boiler espresso version

  • WATER SUPPLY: Fitting connection = 3/4” Water pressure = 0.5 – 6.5 bar